Important Issues

Energy Independence

A nation is not truly sovereign if it doesn’t have control over its energy supply.

The Biden administration’s green energy policy has given too much power to countries with leaders that hate America (Russia, Venezuela, Iran). These countries use their petro-dollars to suppress their people and destabilize the world.

High energy costs translate into higher consumer costs for everything we buy and consume. The high cost of diesel directly translates into what you put into your shopping cart.

As your Congressman, I will work to unlock America’s energy potential by encouraging private-sector investment in our energy infrastructure. I will fight against the Biden administration and those who are manipulating facts to pursue their rigid green agenda.


I believe in lawful immigration. America is a country built by immigrants by both their labor and their ingenuity.

What we have on our southern border is not immigration it’s bedlam. The Biden Administration has encouraged this cheap flow of labor with their lax enforcement of immigration laws resulting in millions showing up in Texas claiming political asylum. This system is exploitative to both immigrants as well as American citizens.

I would finish building the wall and make sure that anyone bringing undocumented children across our border has to prove through DNA testing they are the biological parent.

Balance Budget

Spending in Washington is out of control. The IRS is taking more money in taxes than ever before, but last year the Treasurer still managed to run a $1.7 TRILLION deficit. The problem isn’t money coming in, but what is going out. This spending spree is destroying our children and grandchildren’s future.

I support a balanced budget Amendment to the Constitution, and I will never vote to raise taxes on hard working families. Wasteful spending and crony capitalism has to STOP.