About Scott

I’m Scott Crowl. I am a lifelong Republican and proud conservative. I am running for Congress for the 17th District of Illinois because our current Congressman is not representing the needs of his constituents.

Like you, I’m worried about the direction our country is headed… high inflation, out-of-control debt, lawlessness at our Southern Border, and coastal elites whose only concern is how to stay in power.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for an American First Republican to fight for us in Congress.

I am NOT a career politician. I’m a farmer, husband, father to two wonderful women, and a former AFSCME Union President. My hard work in the fields helps feed thousands of families across our country. I’ve been married to my wife Debbie for over forty-three years, and we’ve built a life and raised our family here in Western Illinois.

I believe in restoring our energy independence. A nation is not independent if we have to rely on other countries for fuel, and a nation is not sovereign if we can’t control our borders. Parents don’t have autonomy over their children’s education without the long arm of the state reaching in with their political agenda. It’s long past time that we empower our parents not shut them out of the classroom.